Bobcats vs Jaguars (Season 2018 - Pre Primary Round 14)

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Bobcats vs Jaguars
Coach: Milton Gartrell Manager: Glen_McRedmond_2018

Coaches Comments:

The drills this week included Footy Race Track and Kick the Stick. In addition we had two new drills from the Year 2 program called Give and Go and Diamond Break. We finished off with a 10 minute Grid Game. In Footy Race Trace the kids showed off their football skills and how fast they could run. There was a big improvement from the last time we had done this drill. In Kick the Stick the kids picked up points every time they could kick the stick with their left and right foot from 5 metres away. One of the boys did a “Leigh Matthews” and snapped the stick in half with his kick. In Give and Go the kids were in pairs and one kid would rolled the ball out to the other kid. The other kid picked the ball up and handballed it back to the kid who just rolled it. The kids did this a few times and then swapped positions. To mix it up instead of rolling the ball the kids also threw the ball up in the air and the other kid would try and mark it or let the ball bounce and pick it up on the second bounce. In Diamond Break you had three kids on different cones and one stood out the front protecting the goal. The parent helper rolled the ball out to the three kids and one would pick the ball up and handpass it to his team mate before they kicked a goal. The kid standing out the front protecting the goals would try and intercept the handpass. This was very good in teaching the kids to use each other and for the defender to try and stop the goals. The kids loved it. We finished off with a 10 minute Grid Game against the Jaguars. The kids are showing improvements in their handballing and kicking skills. They all love kicking goals.

Best Players:

Awards went to: Nate, Ethan and Michael