Bobcats vs Jaguars (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 14)

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Bobcats vs Jaguars
Coach: Greg Scarlett Manager: Nik_Lavrakas_2018

Coaches Comments:

I can’t believe that the season is drawing to a close! What a perfect day we had to chase the ball around. In training this week we started off with a bit of lane work, in the games our skill standard drops a little so it was good to get back to basics & refresh. We also did a multiple skill drill that incorporated goal kicking, I can really start to see the progression in the Bobcats footy IQ. Well done team! On to the game, the Bobcats came out firing from the first bounce, we saw plenty of great marks, kicks to our teammates advantage & some excellent link up play. Thanks to the Jaguars for the game. With only one week left, let’s all get down to MacDonald early & have some fun.

Best Players:

Awards – Oscar A, Jack S & Toby.