Bobcats vs Lions (Season 2018 - Pre Primary Round 10)

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Bobcats vs Lions
Coach: Milton Gartrell Manager: Glen_McRedmond_2018

Coaches Comments:

This is the last week in which the drills to be used will be advised by the AFL. As of next week the most popular drills will be used. This week’s drills include Around the World, Over the Giant, Ruckman Treasure and Angry Ogre. We finished off with a 10 minute Grid Game against the Lions. In Around the World the kids are showing great improvement with their ball handling, bouncing the ball and weaving in and out of the sticks. We are mixing it up so that the kids improve their different skills. In Over the Giant the kids are demonstrating their kicking skills by kicking over their parents heads and also trying to kick for goals. In Ruckman Treasure the kids are in teams and running in the centre where the balls are and collecting a ball and then running back to their corner. They then have the chance of taking the ball from the opposition and they also need to try to not get tagged by the parent helper. The kids are learning to bend down to pick up the ball and then weaving around the parent helper. This week the kids wanted to finish off the drills with Angry Ogre so we had both teams involved with several parents helpers. With the parent helpers turning their backs to the footy the kids had to get their ball before the parent helper turned around because if they did then the kids had to stop. Once they got their ball they had to run back before the parent helpers tagged them. The kids loved running with the ball. During the 10 minute Grid Game the parents love to see the kids share the ball and kick for goals. Most of the kids are now handballing the ball instead of throwing it to a team mate.

Best Players:

Awards went to: Cooper, Will and Levi