Bobcats vs Lions (Season 2018 - Pre Primary Round 15)

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Bobcats vs Lions
Coach: Milton Gartrell Manager: Glen_McRedmond_2018

Coaches Comments:

This was the last session for the year. It has been a lot of fun for the kids. The drills this week included Mad Marks, Kick the Stick, Handball Heroes and Coast to Coast. We finished off with a 10 minute Grid Game. During Mad Marks there were some great marks taken by the kids including chest marks and marking above their heads. During Kick the Stick the kids added up their points every time they hit the stick when kicking the ball. The kids have shown great improvement when dropping the ball on their boot and kicking straight. During the early sessions of Handball Heroes there were a lot of throws instead of handballs. The kids have improved greatly as there is now more handballing done. In Coast to Coast there were two groups of four kids and the kids would hand ball to each other. The last kid would then have a shot at goals. We also mixed it up a bit with the kids rolling or throwing the ball in the air to next kid before they could have a shot for goals. Some fantastic goals were kicked. We finished off with 10 minute Grid Game against the Lions. Sharing the ball before kicking a goal has greatly improved since the beginning of the season. I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching all the kids this year.

Best Players:

Awards went to: All the kids