Bobcats vs Lions (Season 2018 - Pre Primary Round 5)

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Bobcats vs Lions
Coach: Milton Gartrell Manager: Glen_McRedmond_2018

Coaches Comments:

It was a chilly Winter morning but luckily the rain stayed away. The drills for this week included Around the World, Kick the Stick, Footy Harvest, Tags and Tail. We finished off with a 10 minute Grid Game. The kids demonstrated their skills well by trying to kick the ball from five metres away to either hit the stick or go over the stick. In Around the World they practised weaving in and out, bouncing the ball and paddling the ball in between cones. Footy Harvest was a lot of fun as they would take their ball and put it near a cone and come back and tag their teammate who would do the same. The aim was that once the balls were all in the cones to then take them back to their station and to finish this before the Lions players did. In Tags and Tails both teams had tails clipped to the back of their shorts and the aim was to take as many tails off as possible and count who had the most tails at the end. We also did a different activity in which one team were called rovers and the other team were called rucks. The parent helper would call rovers and the rucks had to take the tails off the rovers and vice versa. The kids had lots of fun. During the last 10 minutes there was a game against the Lions. The kids practised sharing the ball with their teammates before they could kick a goal. The kids are starting to handball the ball more rather than throwing it. They all love kicking goals.

Best Players:

Awards went to Hayes, Archer and Callum