Bobcats vs Pumas (Season 2018 - Pre Primary Round 3)

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Bobcats vs Pumas
Coach: Milton Gartrell Manager: Glen_McRedmond_2018

Coaches Comments:

The players are starting to get used to the new Auskick format. The drills for this week included Footy Magic Tricks, Mad Marks, Coast to Coast and Angry Ogre. We finished off with a 10 minute Grid Game. The players practised moving their ball in a figure eight between their body, marking the ball behind their back and moving the ball between their teammates, with the player at the end having a shot for goals. Also the balls were laid out behind the parent helper with players trying to take the ball before the parent helper turned around. We finished off with a 10 minute game against the Pumas. Many marks were taken in this game. Our players thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Best Players:

Awards went to: Nate, Jai and Brax