Bobcats vs Tigers (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 6)

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Bobcats vs Tigers
Coach: Greg Scarlett Manager: Nik_Lavrakas_2018

Coaches Comments:

It was great to have a week off & recharge the batteries. I can see we are getting some connection with our Bobcat team mates, we have all learnt each other's names & this is paying off with training drills & in the game. In training we started off playing a game that involved team work & understanding - if we all work together we can achieve something special. We followed up with a handball & kicking drill - we split into small groups & concentrated on technique & repetition. In the games we tend to revert back to our old habits of dropping the hand away while handpassing & throwing the ball up when kicking instead of guiding it down to our foot - it was good to see the Bobcats working hard on this. On to the game - all the Bobcats were engaged in the game & looking to share the ball around amongst their team mates. It was pleasing to see the forwards looking to pass off to a team mate for them to kick a goal. Setting up a team mate for a goal is just as rewarding as kicking one yourself! We will be working on anticipation & positioning in the coming weeks - when we don’t have the ball, what the best position is to run to in our zone to get it. Thanks to the Tigers for the game - both teams played with great spirit. All in all a fantastic week for the Bobcats & I will be looking for that to continue next week.

Best Players:

Superstar of the week – Toby Player of the week – Jack S