Cheetahs vs Bobcats (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 1)

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Cheetahs vs Bobcats
Coach: Brett von Bergheim Manager: Mark_Darling_2018

Coaches Comments:

Along with all 10 Cheetahs from 2017, it is great to have 3 new players in our team for this season. Cooper, Mitch and Ryan have joined our team and they all looked ready to go at their first day of Auskick. It is great to have a group of Auskickers who are willing to listen and learn and it made for a great session on a perfect day for footy. After our training session, we started our match against the Bobcats a little bit slowly. The Bobcats were quicker to get to the ball and it took the Cheetahs a while to realise that the opposition weren’t going to wait for us. We’ll work on running hard to the ball at next Saturday morning’s training. It was very pleasing to see everyone look to share the ball around and as a result, everyone got plenty of the footy.

Best Players:

BEST PLAYERS: COOPER DIMITROVICH ran hard and got plenty of the ball. His big kicking was a highlight. MITCH HARRISON had a great game first up and a last quarter goal was a great reward for his efforts. RYAN CAVANAGH worked hard all game and also capped off his day with a great last quarter goal.