Cheetahs vs Bobcats (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 8)

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Cheetahs vs Bobcats
Coach: Greg Scarlett Manager: Nik_Lavrakas_2018

Coaches Comments:

Well the footy Gods smiled on McDonald Reserve this week. It was another great morning to be out having a kick with our mates. In training this week worked on the gathering the moving ball off the ground, using the correct technique to mark the ball & trying to take the mark when the ball is at its highest point. We also worked on our midfield taps, if we can use a nice strong tap to get the ball out into space we can then open up the game. It was a fantastic training session & with each session I can see huge improvement in our Bobcats! On to the game, it was an excellent display of team work by the Bobcats. We looked to run & create an option for our teammates, we anticipated the ball movement & we stayed involved when the ball left our zone. Thanks to the Cheetahs for the game, spectators would have seen a free flowing game with loads of goals from both teams. We are now on a break for 2 week, when return we will be half way through the season. Let’s make the most of the second half of the season & have some fun!

Best Players:

Koby superstar of the week Tom team player of the week