Cheetahs vs Lions (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 10)

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Cheetahs vs Lions
Coach: Brett von Bergheim Manager: Mark_Darling_2018

Coaches Comments:

Another week of threatening clouds, but we managed to stay relatively dry. It was also a windy morning, although that didn’t seem to have any impact on the game the Cheetahs used some great skills and took some excellent marks. Once again players looked to pass to their team mates by hand or foot rather than just kicking it as far as possible. This lead to some brilliant passages of play.

Best Players:

BEST PLAYERS: COOPER DIMITROVICH read the play well and used his pace to get to the ball first. RYAN CAVANAGH did an excellent job of getting into space and sharing the footy with his team mates. DANNY WHELEHAN continues to improve and always looked to bring his team mates into the game.