Cheetahs vs Lions (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 3)

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Cheetahs vs Lions
Coach: Brett von Bergheim Manager: Mark_Darling_2018

Coaches Comments:

Another week and another fun morning of Auskick. This week we worked on concentrating on the footy at all times and also running as hard as we could to get to the ball first. The game saw plenty of goals and the Cheetahs continue to show great team work by sharing the footy around. We'll work hard on our kicking in the training session next week to make sure we can try our best to accurately pass to each other. Thanks to the Lions who gave us one player each quarter so that there wasn't anyone having to sit on the bench for either side.

Best Players:

BEST PLAYERS: WIL CAMPBELL-FOULKES was sensational, playing easily his best game over his one and a bit years of Auskick. His marking, kicking and talk were outstanding. XANTHE TAYLOR continues to be our best kicker of the footy, always taking care and concentrating on her technique, which this week resulted in a lovely drop punt goal. BEN NEWSTEAD ran hard all game, concentrated hard on getting to the ball first and collected plenty of kicks and handballs.