Cheetahs vs Tigers (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 4)

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Cheetahs vs Tigers
Coach: Brett von Bergheim Manager: Mark_Darling_2018

Coaches Comments:

Round 4 and still perfect weather on a Saturday morning. This week's training was based all around making sure we were kicking the ball properly with good technique. After a slow start, we really had a great game with our kicking having definitely improved from last week. Once again, the sharing of the footy between Cheetahs players was a highlight.

Best Players:

BEST PLAYERS: KIERAN DARLING ran hard all over the ground and as usual concentrated hard on his kicking skills. A couple of hard bumps when going for the ball in the 3rd quarter didn't stop him for too long. FINN MURPHY also worked hard on his kicking and the improvement is there to see. His perfect pass to a team mate was a good reward for his efforts. LUCAS SIZER had his best game in his one and a bit years of being a Cheetah. His hard running and team play were excellent. It will be great to see him improve more in the coming weeks. RYDER VON BERGHEIM worked hard to instruct his team mates and as usual was prepared to share the footy to bring other Cheetahs into the play.