Cougars vs Cheetas (Season 2018 - Year 2 Round 8)

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Cougars vs Cheetas
Coach: Jon Sutton Manager: Penny_Lee_2018

Coaches Comments:

Great teamwork this week, when we get the ball the boys really know how to share the it. The handballs are great but our kicks need a little more accuracy and that will come with practice. The chasing of the loose ball is good but the boys just need the confidence to be the first player to bend over and scoop up the ball. The bonus of a run around at half time of the amateurs game was a buzz for all especially not having to play in the zones. All in all the basic skills are getting better and I think the boys are still having fun which is the main thing. Couple of weeks off for the school holidays so let’s get down to the park, chase a ball and kick it to a target Keep it up Cougars I can’t wait for the next game.

Best Players: