Jaguars vs Bobcats (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 7)

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Jaguars vs Bobcats
Coach: Greg Scarlett Manager: Nik_Lavrakas_2018

Coaches Comments:

It was a great morning to be out & active. We started training with some games that involved teamwork and it showed the importance of working together. Then it was onto some lane work with handpassing & kicking. It was about having the footy in our hands as often as possible while trying to improve our technique. We finished with some simulated forward zone play. On to the game - it was one of those rare days when all the stars aligned! We shared the ball with precision, we ran to support our teammates & our skills were excellent. We stayed involved & anticipated the ball movement. Well done Bobcats! Thanks to the Jaguars for the game - it was loads of fun & played with fantastic spirit.

Best Players:

Superstar of the week - Alex Player of the week - Oscar A