Jaguars vs Panthers (Season 2018 - Year 2 Round 2)

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Jaguars vs Panthers
Coach: Mike Dixon Manager: Jodie_Doble_2018

Coaches Comments:

It was good to see everyone lift today and play another great game. I was really impressed by everyone's attack on the ball and by the way everyone showed Club spirit when needing to also share numbers with the other side. It was great to see players looking to share the ball and players also running into good positions to receive the ball. Keep up the good work. Special mention to Ben C for your courage in running out a full game after 3 head knocks as well as Koby D for great defensive pressure all day.

Best Players:

Everyone was on the best player list today but our 3 awards went to: Cael - You are awesome the way you gather the footy and set yourself to deliver effectively to your team mates. Ben G - Plenty of good marks and a bigger kick than a Red Bull Cappucino. Jake T - A fantastic listener, naturally talented and great team player who brings others into the game and is well ahead of his time!