Pumas vs Bobcats (Season 2018 - Year 1 Round 2)

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Pumas vs Bobcats
Coach: Greg Scarlett Manager: Nik_Lavrakas_2018

Coaches Comments:

There is no better way to start a weekend than with a kick of the footy with your mates! We welcomed two new faces into the team this week. It’s great to have Koby & Kye as part of the Bobcats; we hope you have a fun filled season. In training we worked on our handball skills, using the correct technique to pick the ball up off the ground & staying on our feet in the contest. This held us in good stead for our game & games to come. On to the game, thanks to the Bobcat players that were nominated to play for the Pumas. As the Bobcats are a large team, all Bobcats will be asked throughout the year to play for the opposition team when they have short numbers. We saw a very spirited game from both sides; I can see the Bobcat players are looking to pass the ball to their team mates that have space to dispose of the ball. In the coming weeks we will be working on staying involved in the game when the ball has left our zone. All in all a great effort for our 2nd week.

Best Players:

Awards Superstar of the week - Jack L Team Player of the week – Zac